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The Sagebrush Sea

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One of the most overlooked ecosystems on the continent consists of a massive sea of sagebrush that stretches across 11 states in the American West. This spartan yet spectacular landscape supports more than 170 species of hardscrabble birds and mammals. Among those that have adapted to survive here are birds found nowhere else: greater sage-grouse that lead remarkable lives mostly hidden in the sage. But once each year, males emerge for days on end to strut and display as prospective mates for discriminating females, which mate with only one or two of them. Females must then raise their chicks on their own, with little food, water or shelter to sustain them, while plenty of predators wait for their smallest mistake. Today, they must also contend with wells and pipelines tapping the resources buried deep below. The sagebrush and the grouse carry on, but they're losing ground.


  • S36 Ep2: Fox Tales
  • S36 Ep1: Naledi: One Little Elephant
  • S35 Ep9: Spy in the Wild | Episode 3 | Friendship
  • S35 Ep12: Yosemite
  • S35 Ep10: Spy in the Wild | Episode 4 | Bad Behavior
  • S35 Ep11: Spy in the Wild | Episode 5 | Meet the Spies
  • S35 Ep7: Spy in the Wild | Episode 1 | Love
  • S35 Ep8: Spy in the Wild | Episode 2 | Intelligence
  • S35 Ep4: The Story of Cats | Into the Americas
  • S35 Ep5: The Story of Cats | Asia to Africa
  • S35 Ep1: Super Hummingbirds
  • S34 Ep1: Animal Reunions
  • S34 Ep2: Soul of the Elephant
  • S33 Ep13: The Sagebrush Sea
  • S32 Ep9: Touching the Wild
  • S31 Ep8: Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
  • S30 Ep1: Radioactive Wolves
  • S29 Ep12: Salmon: Running the Gauntlet
  • S27 Ep4: The Wolf That Changed America
  • S26 Ep11: The Gorilla King
  • S19 Ep1: Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies


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