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The Woodwright's Shop

Rocky Bentwood Cradle Show

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Roy rives, shapes and bends the ash wood bows for a rocking cradle based on one spotted in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.


  • S37 Ep9: Lumberjack Fan Carving
  • S37 Ep7: Carving Away with Mary May
  • S37 Ep6: Big Ash Mallet!
  • S37 Ep5: Hand Plane Essentials with Chris Schwarz
  • S37 Ep8: Dovetailed Grease Pot
  • S37 Ep3: The Roubo Bookstand!
  • S37 Ep2: Holly Wood Spectaculars!
  • S37 Ep1: Who Wrote the Book of Sloyd?!
  • S36 Ep13: Tool Chest from Bristol
  • S36 Ep12: Tool Chest Hinges & Latch
  • S36 Ep11: Staked Furniture
  • S36 Ep10: Roman Work Bench
  • S36 Ep9: Double Casement Window
  • S36 Ep8: Firewood Carrier
  • S36 Ep7: Saw Like a Butterfly!
  • S36 Ep6: Swedish Shrink Box
  • S36 Ep5: Wedged Tusk Tenon
  • S36 Ep4: Waving Arm Whirlygigs
  • S36 Ep3: Carved Oak Desk Box
  • S36 Ep2: Sliding Lid Boxes
  • S36 Ep1: Van Gogh’s Chair
  • S35 Ep13: Plain Pine Box
  • S35 Ep12: Tool Smithing with Peter Ross
  • S35 Ep11: Welsh Stick Chair II


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