Vermont PBS launched a new web site at on Sep 1, 2017.

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For our Canadian Viewers

We appreciate our many viewers and supporters in Canada. We summarized helpful information below applicable to you.

Any additional questions and suggestions are welcome!


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ALL original Vermont PBS online content is available for viewing in Canada.

While over-the-air broadcasts reach beyond U.S. borders into Canada, online video may be subject to geo-filtering, which restricts the areas in Canada that can view PBS content. The terms of our agreements with producers and distrbutors sometimes limits streaming ability for some PBS programs outside the United States. 

How to watch us


Sample Original Content with Canadian Topics

Vermont PBS and RETN partner to air four films from the National Film Board of Canada.  All four films provide unique views and explore the interesting people of Montreal. Dubbed “Of Montreal,” the series is an exploration of various aspects of life and culture in Montreal.

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Check out Vermont PBS’ cutting-edge look at Montreal’s arts & culture scene – produced in association with CULT MTL, with generous support from the Miriam Aaron Roland Canadian Content Fund.

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From our Outdoor Journal series, we follow a class of surfers as they learn how to river surf on the rapids around the Island of Montreal.

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From our Vermont This Week series, we sometimes discuss news and issues affecting both Vermont and Canada, especially Quebec. Our annual Canadian Special around July 1st is a great example.

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From our Out and About series, we visit Les Muses , a school for intellectually disabled performers in Montreal.

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From our Vermont PBS Documentaries, Tales From A Yiddish Theatre is a profile of Montreal's thriving Yiddish performing arts community, which is helping to spur a renaissance in Yiddish culture. 

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Frequently Asked Questions for Canadian Donors

  1. Is Vermont PBS a nonprofit company?
    Yes, Vermont PBS (operating as Vermont ETV Inc.) is 501(c)(3) registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service, and has operated in good standing for almost 50 years.
  2. Does Vermont PBS serve Quebec?
    Yes, the cultural and educational mission of Vermont PBS is a region-wide objective. We produce programs that are intended to bridge the international border. Our broadcast signal reaches many communities in the Province of Quebec, including Montreal. Vermont PBS is also carried on Canadian cable services.

    All programming owned or provided by Vermont PBS is available to Canadian viewers online. Some of the content licensed through others, including by example some content produced by the BBC, is “geo-blocked” for broadcast and/or internet streaming, limiting access to viewers in the United States.
  3. Is my contribution to Vermont PBS tax deductible in Canada?
    Vermont PBS cannot advise individuals on the application of Canadian tax regulations, but we do acknowledge all donor gifts. In some instances, a donation to a U.S. charity can be deducted on a Canadian tax return, against income generated in the United States. Please consult your tax advisor.
  4. Did Vermont PBS issue tax receipts to Canadians in the past?
    Previously, the Public Television Association of Quebec (PTAQ) provided tax receipts to Canadian donors and worked with Vermont PBS to select, program and schedule educational television for English speaking viewers in Quebec. PTAQ has stopped this practice as of November 21, 2015,in response to a ruling of the Canada Revenue Agency. PTAQ’s practices were not a violation of law, but the Canada Revenue Agency disputes the charitable nature of public broadcasting and PTAQ’s acquisition of programming through Vermont PBS.  Please do not make donations payable to PTAQ, and please contact Vermont PBS for any questions regarding tax receipts for donations. Going forward, please make your donations directly to Vermont PBS.  Make your checks payable to: Vermont PBS, POB Box 11110 Station Centre Ville, Montreal QC H3C 5E3
  5. Will my past contributions to Vermont PBS be audited?
    PTAQ has been a charity in good standing for over 20 years. The Canada Revenue Agency's decision not to recognize PTAQ as a non profit in the future does not revoke the tax receipts issued by PTAQ orVermont PBS prior to the effective date of the Agency’s 2015 decisionon November 21, 2015.

    If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Viewer Services  during regular business hours at 1-800-639-7811 or

Contact us

We welcome your feed back at 1-800-639-7811 or email

Although we don’t have a physical office space in Canada, you can write us at:

PO Box 11110 Station Centre Ville
Montreal, QC
H3C 5E3

Please note that because of inherent international mail delays, correspondence via regular mail may take up to two weeks.

Vermont PBS launched a new web site at on Sep 1, 2017.
The site you are on now exists temporarily for migration purposes.